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Welcome To Miss M’s Room!

This is the official website for Miss M’s Room, the radio show where we visit Miss M’s musical "room" for 2 hours of her favourite music every week.

About Miss M’s Room

Miss M’s Room will be open for visits for 2 hours every week. As well as playing Miss M’s favourite music, Miss M will "have a look" into areas of her room.

- The Hanky Drawer – for those of us who like tear-jerkers.

- The Alaska Zone – for those of us who like to take a trip into the wardrobe and see what's on the other side and hear something different.

- Annie's Hard Rock Corner – if you think you have what it takes to be able to handle Annie Churchburner, then this is where you can rock out with her!

- The Krushed Up Mess On The Floor – for those of us who would just dearly love to krush up those songs we hate and that have been bugging us for years! And of course for those of us who need an excuse to leave a mess on the bedroom floor!

About Miss M

Miss M is the main presenter of the show, and it is her room you will be visiting every week. She has loved music all her life. She has a large music collection that she didn’t know what to do with, until she realised that perhaps she could share it with you guys on the radio! And so, Miss M moved into her room, and Miss M’s Room was born. Miss M is of Slavic
(east European) ethnicity, and has a love for and fascination with Alaska, both of which
she intends to explore musically while she is in her room.

About Annie Churchburner

Annie Churchburner is Miss M’s co-presenter. She doesn’t gate crash the show very often but when she does she is loud, intrusive and down right obnoxious! Rock out with her in the corner… if you dare!


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Listen to "Miss M's Room 38 Hour 01" on Spreaker.
Listen to "Miss M's Room 38 Hour 02" on Spreaker.


Hour 1
Guru Josh – Infinity
Tim Finn - No Thunder No Fire No Rain
Joy Adams - Nobody's Child
Queen - You Don't Fool Me
Spandau Ballet - Round And Round
Lenny Kravitz – Again
Kate Bush - The Sensual World
Olivia Newton-John - A Little More Love
Dark Slavic Pagan Music - The Arrival
Melissa Mitchell - End Of The Line
Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

Hour 2
Blockhead - Insomniac Olympics
Blur - Girls & Boys
One Dollar Short - Ten Years
Faith No More – Stripsearch
Paul Young - Come Back And Stay
Trail Of Dead - Another Morning Stoner
Coldplay - A Whisper
Toto - Hold The Line
ELO - Hello My Old Friend
Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars
Trashmen - Surfin' Bird (bird is the word)
They Might Be Giants - Istambul


Listen to "Miss M's Room 37 Hour 01" on Spreaker.
Listen to "Miss M's Room 37 Hour 02" on Spreaker.

Hour 1
Justin Hayward - Forever Autumn (classical music virsion).
British Jigsaw - Sky High.
Icehouse - Man Of Colours.
Madonna - Oh Father.
Tim Finn - In A Minor Key.
Trail Of Dead – Monsoon.
Utah Saints - Something Good.
Coldplay - High Speed.
Epic Slavic Medieval Folk Music - New Kingdom.
The Whipsaws - Lay Down By Me.
Oasis – Supersonic.

Hour 2
XTC - Green Man.
Infected Mushrooms - I Wish.
DC Talk - Just Between You And Me.
Korn - Alone I Break.
Morrissey - November Spawned A Monster.
Duran Duran - Ordinary World.
Mental As Anything - The World Seems Difficult.
Doves - The Man Who Told Everything.
Blink 182 - Seasons In The Sun.
My Bloody Valentine – Soon.
Neil Sedaka - Bad Blood.


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