Dolphin Lives Matter

About the Hosts


Hi! My name is Milanka and I am the hostess and presenter of the Dolphin Lives Matter podcast.  While I have never done a podcast before, I have been involved in both political and religious organisations in my time. 

In my 20’s, I did the whole lefty feminist thing… who doesn’t in their 20’s?  But I also have life experience with fundamentalist Christianity and during my time within that circle I learned a lot.  Eventually, I would put both my lefty and Christian past behind me, being able to learn from both those things. 

I came to both pro-white/right-wing politics and folkish or Pagan spirituality as I realised a few things. The move of Western society to the left of the political spectrum and the unprecedented influence of feminism on our society is having as many negative consequences for the environment as Abrahamic religions’ disregard for the environment and lip service to “respect for nature”. And I also saw some big elephants in the room as I became involved in the anti-dolphin captivity movement at the end of 2017.

I realised that conservatives/right-wingers are more likely to have larger families, and more likely to homeschool their children. The future belongs to those who show up for it.  I realised that organisations like Dolphin Project and other NGOs involved in opposing dolphin captivity seem to have very little, if any, interest in reaching out to this right-wing demographic in our society. The reliance of these NGOs on going into schools and “educating” children is not even attempting to reach out to these parents who are educating their kids with language, ideas and ways that would speak to this demographic. Instead they use tactics and hyper-emotional, sentimental “discourse” that actually puts conservatives/right-wingers off these discussions. 

I also realised that, while liberals are no longer engaging with the dolphin captivity industry, conservatives still are for two reasons.  Conservatives are looking for wholesome, family friendly entertainment in a world that is becoming increasingly devoid of such entertainment. The dolphin captivity industry is very good at selling their form of “entertainment” as family friendly to these conservatives. In other words, these conservatives are not going to these places to be educated, but entertained. And within the anti-dolphin captivity movement we are just told #DontBuyATicket. There is nothing positive offered as alternatives to the dolphin show being discussed except: “Go and see dolphins in the wild,” which is completely missing the point as to why these people are going to these shows.

I started to realise that the goals of the emerging conservative and populist movements of creating a secure future for our children, and the goals of the environment movement of creating a secure future for the biosphere that sustains us actually matched up more than we think. I realised the difference between environmental conservation and green politics. 

I started this podcast to educate folks on the political right on issues of dolphin captivity, free of the hyper-emotional and irrational “discourse” typical of the mainstream anti-dolphin captivity movement and that we on the right find so disdainful. I also want to make environmental conservation and good Earth stewardship fashionable on the right. Let’s separate this concept from the cultural Marxist green politics that has hijacked the environment movement and made it so unpalatable to those of us on the political right. 

I realise that in order to secure a future for the West and for our people, we must secure a future for a healthy biosphere for these things to exist in. I also recognise that animal welfare and human welfare are intrinsically linked. So therefore it is imperative that we on the right have these discussions and start paying attention to how we treat the animals around us. 

I also seek to profile and discuss different forms of wholesome, ethical family friendly entertainment in order to offer up a positive alternative to the dolphin show. 

So that’s who I am and where I’m coming from in a nut shell. Feel free to give me a listen and contact me if you have any questions. I have no problems with people disagreeing with me in a reasoned, rational and respectful way.  However any trolling, name calling or abusive comments will be ignored.  Thank you.

Annie Boatburner

Annie Boatburner (also known as Annie Churchburner)
Annie is the clown of the podcast.  Little is known about Annie Boatburner, but this bio will detail what we do know about her. Annie is somewhere in her 30’s and likes to inject a bit of long needed humour into the discussion of dolphin captivity. Nothing excites Annie more than high leaping flames and fire.  Annie lives to burn things, and she is known for being able to make fire come out of her hands. Nothing delights Annie Boatburner more than a banger boat on fire!  Annie is the red haired witch you may see on Samhain (Halloween).  And if you want rude, crude humour, Annie’s your gal! No person or topic is off limits for Annie to make jokes about. There’s no such thing as a sacred cow to Annie. So if you’re an SJW, a hyper-emotional, sentimental, obnoxious lefty environmentalist or unreasonable animal libber, and especially if you add feminist to the mix, then expect Annie to poke the worst fun at you.  Loud, intrusive and obnoxious, Annie Boatburner is exactly what the anti-dolphin captivity movement needs.